—- Helpless
It’s like I am on a sinking boat, then I fall overboard. Nothing to hold onto, I can’t do anythnig. I’m in the water, and about to drown, I am waiting for someone to save me. A lot of people offers to save me, but I don’t accept. I don’t want “anyone” to save me. I wan’t my friends and ‘this girl’ to save me, and only them. It’s not happending is it…
—- Lifes Flavours
Life has flavours, and everybody taste diffrent, and I guess I got an awful taste of life, I got the bad part, becouse I am unlucky. I can’t change what I already ate, but I can try to eat more and hope to get lucky, to find the good parts. But continuing to eat of the bad parts over and over getting unlucky seems a bit… Pointless. I can’t stop eating if I stop I die, nobody will care if I’m not here, they will not notice, becouse they are luckier than I am. I can add extra stuff to what I eat myself, I dont know how the next part tastes so I don’t know if it will be better or badder. Theres standard ingredients that makes it better, but its harder to get and needs more effort. Effort comes from energy and energy comes from the good parts.
—- Comparing
If I could delete myself like on a computer, delete only what I wanted to delete. Or like editing a video and take the bad parts out, or make the good parts better. To make a better life, you need experience and hope… Writing more seems pointless, life seems pointless….
Yeah I actually wrote this, becouse.. My life is pointless.
Made by my lonelyness